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Two months prior to Moving Day

- Keep in contact with the Alliance relocation and get a schedule for the day and time would you like to move to your new home.
- Find a plane of the house for the owed decoration.
- Make an inventory  of the things would youy like to take and things you wouldn’t take (you can start from the bottom up )
- Open a file for your such administrative documents of movement as: estimates, incomes, etc
- Organize the documents for transfer of the school.
- Make a list of the things that your new home needs and put it touch with: painters, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, etc. and when you move you can see your new home in perfectconditions. don't forget change the locks of your new house.

Six weeks prior to Moving Day

-Get and fill out post office changes with your new address cards
- learn about your new hometown and community and make arrangements for storage if is necessary
-ask to your doctor about health plan provider for referrals and get full medical records.
-assures objects valuably such as: exages, art, jewels and objects of value.
-cleans the cupboards, booths and everything what is necessary to support the new house.
- use products of supply that expire and it cleans the things that could not be blurred.


Four weeks prior to Moving Day.

- Disconnect all the services of your old house and make the conection to your new home, days before you move. if you have warehouses with services as the telephony company ask the reimbursement.
- Confirms details with your Alliance and the storage of your belongings.
- If you are doing the bags by yourself, get some materials and you won't need to do it before you are in the new home.
- Clean and repair of furniture, drapes, and carpeting.
- If you have pets or plants  call to the special transport if it is necessary.
- Calls and verifies with the company of insurances that your Viennese are policyholders during the moving.
- Make plan of change makes if it is necessary.
- Checks if you need some permission for the moving.
- Obtain all the medical records, veterinary, students , financial and legal documents, items of  born, passports and documents of insurances and then guard in a place where you can  find it if presents some disadvantage.


Three weeks prior to Moving Day

- Put  all  the articles like inflammable liquids or other articles that could not be blurred.
- If your going to move to another state get all necessary records.
- If you are going to move to a department  calls and ask for the use of the elevator.
- If you have children call a baby-sister or special care while your moving.
- Keep the price of your moving.


Two weeks prior to Moving Day

- Ask an availability of something not sold and put it in your sale of  move.
- Take your car checks and verifies he antifreezing if you change of one warm climate to cold.
- If you have some given article return it and if you have someone given recover it.
- Cancel newspaper delivery.
- Notify all your creditors about your move.
-Takes all the suitable supplies and medicines for if you have some mishap in the distance.
-Organizes a folder with all the information of the new owner of your house.
- Make the change address papers one week before you leave, and let it know to everyone who will need to contact you.
-Pick up and support the laundry with your name becouse  these are easy to mislead.
- Be sure that all your personal pronouns stay in different suitcases,bags or boxes as medicines, food, keys, documents, china, clothes, etc.


One day prior to Moving Day

- Change your bank accounts.
- Takes to your animals a routine examination before the change if it is necessary.
- Checks all boxes and be sure that are closed well.
- Put all your bills with local business
- Drain power equipment of oil and gas. Drain water hoses.
- Find a new place for your plants that can't be move.
- Confirm any travel reservations.
- Defrosts the refrigerator with the open doors.
- Let the movers pack your belongings(unless it's a do-it-yourself move).
- Disconnect and let everything prepared for the move
- If  you forgot something your car will not loaded on the truck.
- Pack in a box the things that will be priority in the new house and clearly mark it.
- Support cash to pay the movers.
- Confirms the hour of arrival of the truck.
- If the move is by yourself dismount the big things like beds and objects that could dismount.


Moving Day
- Let someone entrusted in your old house to answer the questions of the movers.
- Use all utility meter readings.
- Check before going out if you let something personal.


Delivery Day

- Pay the driver of the truck before start to unloading the belongings.
- Supervise the unload of your belongings especially the delicate ones.
- Be prepared for the cancellation in cash or check of the movers or others unless they have been paid previously.


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