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FAQ // -We Have some Answers for Your NY Long Distance Move.

-It is very provable that any move is inconvinient, but we give you the best possible quality in order that the moving of the new york city be softliest posible.ours assistants helping you with the budget or the expenses of the move, for when great move day comes  to the perfeccion.

Many persons ask on our services of quality, safety and budget. eview the questions and answers below to learn more.  Or, if you are ready to get started, please fill out our convenient online form for a free estimate, or call us at  1-866-242-1583 and talk to one of our relocation coordinators now!
Q. Do you have a  licensed for New York City moving company?
A. Yes. we do,  Alliance Relocation is licensed by the state of New York, US DOT # 01316823 ICC#515424.  We have specialized in moves to and from NYC from 1999, and are an active part of the community.

Q. Does the company have an insure for my belongings  when the move is to a  long distance?
A. We give the standard coverage of insurances needed by the department of transport of the usa.but we  offer an additional insurance that covers several options. pruve with our coordinators for the details.

Q. Do you accept any type of payment?
A. We accept both, cash and credit cards for all payments.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please submit a copy of the front and back of your credit card to our office no later than the day prior to the move.

Q. How early i need to call you if the move is in another state?
A. Earlier better 'cuz we can organize everything it of the move previously and without problems, including the expenses and the inventory of the things to move. fill out our online estimate form for a free quote, or call us at 1-866-242-1583 and talk to one of our relocation coordinators.  Get the full details on New York City long distance moves here!

Q Do the movers stay in touch with me the whole day during the move?
A. Yes, they are giving you  information about the  move. is why we ask with telephones as cellphones and work numbers where we can contact you.We give you all our office numbers ascellphones if you have some doubt you can call us too.

Q. How I prepare myself for the move?
A. Doing an inventory of all your belongings, packing the delicate things and marking each of the boxes. If you have additional questions, call our office and speak to a relocation coordinator .we have experienced NY movers, and we can answer any questions you might have.

Q. I would like that all the movers are profecionales in order that all belongings are handled well, do they offer this service?
A. Yes we offer the service that you need and additional others, with an additional payment of the standard.solicite this service to assure an exact total.

Q.  How will be protected my furniture?
A. We have all praises incidental  if is necessary to take care of the furniture and things that are on risk of broke  such as ink pads and resistant blankets.

Q. Can I leave articles without value and little weighed in booths of buffet? Q
A. Yes, you can let this articles in booths of buffet.

Q. Must everything be packed in boxes?
A. Everything must go carefully packed in boxes, clothes, personal pronouns, china, small things, accessories of house, books, toys, curtains.

Q. There is some article prohibited for the move?
A. yes, inflammable article, firearms, food or liquids that could be spilt, porcelains or ceramics and things that could not be handled by an alone person

Q . Do you conceal some expense of fees or other services?
 A. Not, we haven't all the expenses are in the invoice due checked the previous day of move A

Q. What happens if there is some disadvantage with the date of the move?
A. Alliance provides a month of free storage as comity if you have some troubles , nevertheless the additional storage will be invoiced in a monthly base if you have some  extended delay.
Learn more about NYC's best storage deal here! A

Q. Do you offer some discount, if the move is to another state?Q
A. We provide some discounts for the service of long distance A

Q.There is some standard tips for the  movers?Q
A. Tips are greatly appreciated, and most customers tip between 10% and 15%, but tips are not required.


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